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Youth Radio Connecticut "LIVE"

Youth Radio Connecticut "LIVE" presents high school students on the air at WPKN to broadcast their news, music, creative writing and ideas.  Access  YRCT "LIVE" archives and web links here to sample youth interviews, performance, and commentary. 

ECA Radio

ECA Radio, AKA "Road Kill Radio", is a radio program produced by the students of the radio class elective at the Educational Center for the Arts in New Haven Connecticut. Access show archives and web links here to sample news and views from the high school community, including music performances, creative writing, humor and social commentary. 

High School Radio Road Show

The High School Radio Road Show is a program designed to offer Connecticut High School students the opportunity to learn the art of generating and organizing meaningful content to be used in the production of a comprehensive and insightful radio program.  All future shows and web links will be posted here.

Middle School Radio Road Show

The Middle School Radio Road Showis a program designed to offer Connecticut Middle School students the opportunity to find their voices while experiencing a sequence of developmentally appropriate activities that will assist them in generating, organizing and producing content for their very own radio show. Access show archives here.

Parental Advisory
This site is divided between radio programs produced "by and for" high school students
those produced "by and for" middle school and elementary school students.

We encourage parents to review the content of the site for age-appropriateness since

some content on the high school radio shows may be deemed inappropriate for children under the age of fourteen.

High School and Middle School Voices Discovered and Amplified